Red, White and Bruised: The Midnight Live Cassette

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Limited Edition Cassette Tape (D2C Exclusive): Available in 1 of 3 color tape shells pressed in equal amounts: Red, White or Blue. Each tape will be randomly packed.

Release Date: Friday, September 1, 2023
Record Label: Counter Records
Format + Color: Red, White or Blue Cassette Tape

Side 1
Neon Medusa (Live)
Days of Thunder (Live)
Lost Boy (Live)
Deep Blue (Live)
Heart Worth Breaking (Live)
Good in Red (Live)
Vampires (Live)
Sunset (Live)

Side 2
Heroes (Live)
Change Your Heart or Die (Live)
Brooklyn. Friday. Love. (Live)
Gloria (Live)
The Comeback Kid (Live)
Heartbeat (Live)
Shadows (Live)
Los Angeles (Live)

**Limit 3 per customer. Returns/exchanges will not be permitted on the basis of color preference, and color preference cannot be stipulated prior to purchase.

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