Sustainable 8-bit Car Tee


We’re all confronted with issues facing our global community on a daily basis. As The Midnight’s community has grown in recent years, we’ve decided to look inward on the impact we have, and what we can do to positively affect change.

We, in cooperation with our merchandise partners at Ambient Inks, are making a commitment to source and produce our merchandise and physical music packaging from ethically and environmentally sustainable companies who use recycled and/or compostable components and pay living wages to workers.

We have a lot to learn and a long road ahead, but we and our team are excited to bring these values to The Midnight fan community, and take action for the future of our planet and people. We are all one beating heart 💜

Printed by Ambient Inks
Royal Apparel 5051ORG: 100% Organic Cotton, USA Made Tee.

Fulfilled by Ambient Inks and shipped using compostable and/or recyclable packaging. To learn more about our sustainability standards and practices, please visit this link.